Madame Jeanne Gatineau

The history of this well respected brand begins in 1885 with the birth of an extraordinary Frenchwoman Madame Jeanne Gatineau who devoted her entire life to beauty. She opened her first beauty salon in Paris in 1937 working in close collaboration with doctors and dermatologists to develop her first line of skincare products. In 1950 the first Jeanne Gatineau Beauty School was opened in Paris, where Jeanne Gatineau shared her wealth of knowledge with hundreds of students, teaching them about the skin, the wonders of creams and the Gatineau techniques.

The success of that first salon was the beginning of a series of firsts for the brand name of Gatineau – with many of its products being ahead of their time. Gatineau was the first skincare house to develop exfoliants and slimming creams and the first to discover and put to use the benefits of various antioxidants in skincare, such as green tea, and vitamins A, E and F.

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You probably like chocolate (who doesn’t)?  But do you know who the leader in “chocolate cosmetics” is these days?  It’s BERNARD CASSIERE, a company whose products have successfully transformed your favorite guilty pleasure into an ally in the fight against aging.
This is a relatively new brand (its marked debut took place in the year 2000), but, thanks to its efforts in creating cutting-edge non-traditional treatments, it has already found its place among the top cosmetics companies in France and over 25 other countries.
We have the pleasure of presenting to you BERNARD CASSIERE’s innovative cleansing, hydrating, and lifting treatments, as well as their oxygen therapy with honey and soy and their body cosmetic cocktails.

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The products of the Swiss cosmetics company SELVERT which we offer are the result of the best modern technologies combined with unique Swiss cosmetics recipes. SELVERT has crated treatments suitable for everyone; their products are specifically designed to fit the needs of all different types of skin. We provide you with both classical SELVERT therapies and innovative SELVERT Thermal ones. SELVERT Thermal is a revolutionary cosmetics series, which, true its use of thermal water rich in oligoelements, captures the wisdom and power of nature. We proudly offer to you the all-natural SELVERT THERMAL ORGANICS, bio-cosmetics without any artificial coloring or parabens (artificial preservatives).

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Gernétic International is a revolutionary alternative skin care brand suitable for all ages and all skin types. Our skin care product range includes anti wrinkle creams, anti ageing skin care products, acne and acne scarring treatments, weight loss and stretch mark prevention.

Its simple philosophy is based on advanced cellular biology and biotechnology. Our skin care products are delivered deep into living cells, allowing the skin to repair and renew itself from within, inducing and stimulating the anti ageing process.

Gernétic offers an extensive range of skin care, anti wrinkle creams, stretch mark prevention and body treatments, designed for superior results.

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Cattier – Cattier was founded in 1968 by Pierre Cattier, one of the initiators of the Harmonist movement. Fascinated by alternative medicine, he became involved in the development of clay-based products, both for medical and for cosmetic use. He was a visionary who taught many of his contemporaries to use simple and natural ingredients.
Daniel Aressy, a pharmacist-cosmetologist specialized in natural cosmetology, took over the chairmanship of the company in 1987. He carries on the founder’s philosophy, formulating increasingly effective products made of natural ingredients. Under his leadership, the company shifted towards Ecological and Organic Cosmetics and joined the COSMEBIO association.
Since its creation, the Cattier Laboratory of Natural Cosmetology has placed its considerable know-how and expertise in service of beauty and well-being. Environmentally friendly and wishing to share with consumers the multiple benefits of Nature, without harming it, Cattier Laboratory has designed a range of organically certified Beauty, Hygiene and Care products that are natural, gentle, pleasant and effective.
Cattier Organic cosmetics are formulated with natural ingredients partly produced by Organic Farming methods. They do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic colouring or fragrance, or any petroleum derivatives.

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